Commonly Asked Questions & FAQ:

-Who can play?

There are two sizes of bubbles
A "childrens" size that accommodates the smaller framed adult or child from 10 to 16yrs.
And an "adult" sized bubble that accommodates from roughly 5' and above.


-Is it dangerous?

Like all sports, injury is always a risk.  
As safe as #bubblesoccer appears being in a "bubble",
we do recommend  
our fellow warriors to have a reasonable degree of fitness, to be able to cope with being "bumped".


-What are the age limits?

The most common health concern you and we will have are
participants being out of breath & getting injured. As with
 â€‹most sports and
physical activities like #bubblesoccer, all players will be required to complete a waiver prior to participation. 


-How much people can we have?

The amount of participants varies on venue size,
generally starting from 8 to 15 people.


-What do I wear?

Sports wear is preffered 
 (non cleatedcovered shoes will be required.